the past 36 hours involved: 2 hour drive to Logan; sleepless overnight flight (except for toddler who got 3 hours, thank god); 2 hour car rental ordeal; 6 hour drive across the island with toddler, wife, and mother in law. and I learned to drive stick a week ago lol. but we made it!

and now we are here. final half mile of drive was delayed when a herd of cows came down the road and swarmed around our (stopped) car, nearly taking off a side mirror on their way.

listen here ye first class delicate Irish butterhead,


this was our pit stop on the drive from Dingle to Dublin airport, which began at 6am after a sleepless night and sudden stomach bug onset for me. we made it, and toddler was a champ on the plane, but I got home more drained than I can ever remember feeling. despite only goofs / travel gripes on here so far, it was an amazing trip.

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