The Obi-Wan series was ok but left me wanting a SW thing that would more imaginatively + aesthetically interpolate between the gaudiness of the republic era and the austerity of the empire / original trilogy. Lean hard into the prequels' Y2K maximalism but show it collapsing in on itself. Safdies would actually be perfect for this. Have Daniel Lopatin twist the ep. 1 soundtrack into something deranged and eerie.


Of course, plot should play to their strengths. Maybe we follow a hapless politician who's slowly cluing in to how bad things will get but falsely imagines he can set things right with a big enough gambit. His constant foibles crash him info increasingly scary bosses, who start turning the screws that might pressure him to give up his old comrades.

TLDR: I am calling on Disney to tap Josh and Benny Safdie to write and direct three seasons of SENATOR BINKS

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