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#Photography fans of the fediverse: is the #FujiFilm #x100 series as good as it seems?

Reply with some of your favorites, please convince me to sink my money into a blind preorder.

Hashtags for visibility. Boosts appreciated.
#x100f #x100v #FujiFilmXSeries #Photographer #MastoPhoto #GearAcquisitionSyndrome

My 5yo has been nearly vegetarian since she was a toddler, but she knows she needs to eat a protein with every meal. She gets to pick most nights and I made her chicken parmigiana at her request.

We never force our kids to finish anything they don’t want to eat. The rule is that they need to eat a healthy balanced meal if they want an after dinner dessert and this negotiation was 💯% due to the box of donuts sitting on the corner of the counter.

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My 5yo negotiating at the dinner table: “5 pieces is a big number. 5 is nearly 8, it just goes 5,6,7,8, and 8 is basically as much as 10. So 5 is too much to eat.”

A lot of Saul Goodman vibes there.

2yo “Dad can I see your muscles to see if you can open my snack?”
me “Ok…”
2yo “Yeah! you have muscles! Now touch the roof!”
me “Ok…”
2yo “You can touch the roof! That means you can open my snack!”

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I bought my own Christmas Present. I’ve been told I’m not allowed to open it…

Something about “Don’t spoil xmas, you Scrooge” and “the kids don’t get their presents early”

I thought there were no rules when you’re a grownup…

#3dPrinting #Prusa

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photo of farmed animals 

Two of our younger hens hiding out from their first snowfall on a covered roost.

#poultry #photography #homesteading

“I don’t like this seat. It’s very strange and it’s trying to eat me” — my 2yo at the theater for the first time.

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Dads, is there a way to post publicly on but not federated? The descriptions of the visibility options don’t seem to offer that.

Quick because I’m new here.

Im a stay at home dad of 2. I’ve had a few careers in the past but when our 2nd was born and we moved to a new state we reprioritized so I could focus on dad-ness and it’s worked out great for us.

I live in the of the US and have a slew of hobbies that fight for what little free time we Dads have. Some of them are , , , and

Looking forward to getting a feel for the vibe of this place and meeting you all. is a Mastodon instance for dads, running the Hometown fork of Mastodon.