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uspol "no more bullshit" 

or is that /he/ will stop bullshitting. now that's a campaign promise

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uspol "no more bullshit" 

is the idea that if he gets a second term his critics will shut up? because that will not happen. in fact, libs will absolutely get worse

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uspol ii 

this is of a piece with the people who were saying obama was going to declare himself president for life and open the fema camps and whatever if he won reelection. like he had supermajorities in both houses of the legislature and won in a landslide the first time, why would he wait

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several homes in my area have big signs that say "TRUMP 2020: NO MORE BULLSHIT" and honestly, whose bullshit? he has already been president for four years, why didn't the bullshit stop in term one

i am just saying i find this message very confusing

No-Choice Buttostan is absolutely a Star Wars name

Fellas: if she has the dead moon in her jaws, if the whole place is dark... that ainโ€™t your girl... thatโ€™s MIDNIGHT//THE BIG STAR ABOUT TO FALL//STAT IC | I N | D I S T A N C E

POV: you have just clocked Iron Man, but a baby, on your thermal vision and they are about to knock you unconscious

my is @ryan constantly one of the funniest dads on here

the only cartoon character i'm attracted to is my freakin' wife's memoji, ok chief

theyโ€™re advertising that the PS5 will be able to play โ€œin PS4 pro qualityโ€. Wow I love to spend 400 dollars to play the finest 2016 has to offer

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like they even fucked up miles moralesโ€™ shoes

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the number of ways Sony is fucking up the PS5 launch are immeasurable

alyssa milano is absolutely the most chaotic answer to healyn's question

food (cheese course) 

hard smelly cheeses are literally the best cheeses, i don't know what kind of bad cheese you've got where you are. they melt the best, best on sandwiches, etc etc

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some of these takes on swiss cheese are frankly... full of holes

in england they still have monday night football but it's soccer and the song with changed lyrics is "I want to fly like superman" by the kinks, which is basically the same song as "all my rowdy friends are coming over tonight" but good

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one cannot deny that crispin glover is a wet man

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tomorrowโ€™s podcast record is going to have... an energy

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