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very funny to see a regular post like, 'pulling my dick and balls over my head as i ride my e-scooter straight into the canal', and have someone who registered two days ago pipe in with 'Excuse me, but I think you'll find the community rules say-'

Come to Ghareeb Nawaz in West Rogers Park if you want a double ass kicking from me and @Timmy

i think to myself, "i'll set a chill mood for our evening by putting on an old Oscar Peterson album kinda quiet" and thirty seconds later the kids march into the room shouting about the "Buff Dog Test"

Hellmann’s Channel Original Movie

I have also been willing to get suspended for pussy so I understand. Mind you this was high school though

Show thread local’s reaction to removing posts for cursing

jorts dot porsche ($100/mo to get an account) and are now silenced on; our posts will reach them, but users will only see interactions from users they’re following on those instances, not anyone else. I’m only taking this step on right now, not the other instances I mod/admin. I am just not going to deal with a fresh story of a Black or Asian person wrongfully suspended by an unaccountable green mod team literally daily. Fix your shit, WB.

You’re tellin me Professor Oak Ridged these Boys?

@ryan ryan why is your dentist measuring your blood pressure

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