Show newer has taught me that I think I actually kind of enjoy describing photos.

today i learned that fire station poles were invented to stop the horses from going upstairs

RIP to my copy of "Breakin Away" by Al Jarreau which spent too much time in the hot car post-DJ gig and is now warped to hell. thankfully all other records were properly stored and removed from the car and this one was a dollar bin purchase

loving that the villain of the second season of f-boy island is in HR

Ampex audio and video decks parked at my office, each the size of a dang workbench, in big glass cases. The 200A (thin tape) is SN #3

Great news for the sam aleums heads out there; you can now find the audio of my recent live performance on my bandcamp page, AND you can download it for free :)

"trip hop" is when I step on my kids' Mega Bloks! am I right parents!!!!! *uproar*

guy who refers to all Pokemon after Red & Blue the "made-up ones"

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I have again put fingers to keys as part of a recent furious fit of writing. Have I discovered mania? FINALLY? I hope someone out there enjoys this.

Considering that this movie had Michael Keaton’s Batman in it and so does The Flash (2023???) this does not bode well for The Flash ever coming out, despite reporting that the next like 20 years of DC movies are all apparently laid out in The Flash

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Apparently the Batgirl movie tested so bad with audiences WB is entirely shelving it despite it costing $100m to make

How has DC/WB been this screwed up for this long. How are any producers left

i will never forgive carmen sandiego for not making me realize i was bisexual

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