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They’re adding Watkins Glen to GT7 tomorrow!!

Doc Strange and Multiverse of Madness is out on Disney+ so we’re gonna watch it tonight. I’m actually psyched cause yay Sam Raimi and I hear it gets a little Raimi at parts.

every time ginger root puts out new music i think it's gonna be smooth and it just never is

scott storch has a background vocal credit on this song??????

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i have finished my task so I am now working my way through previously posted

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society: you might contract it in a restaurant..
society: or in line
society: or on a plane

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lol i absolutely do not 'have to get covid at some point'

no list than can be modified should not have csv import/export. cmon now

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i have to do a brutally menial data entry task so i am just looping this

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cinemasins will end not with a ding, but a dong

i called a seltzer "citrussy" and torie accused me of wanting to f*ck a grapefruit

ravyn lenae has the absolute best voice in r&b, as good if not better than aaliyah was, her tiny desk just dropped

i am sure this will go great and not be used for anything bad

Just saw an ad for "the first hot sauce made for coffee" and my brow has never been more furrowed

hmm maybe the villain of the grinch movie should be... the heroes of the book. i am a very smart oscar winning director

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