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The Summer of Morbius on the Desktop

how about you stop "dating a Sagittarius" and start "playing a Segagenesis"

Right angle TRS adapter! Headphone jacks on mixers are sometimes in very annoying places! Indispensable!

Intesting factoid WFUV just mentioned about the Squeeze song β€œGoodbye Girl”

They released a UK version and a US version of the single; the UK one has the line β€œmy wife has moved to Jersey”, the US one has β€œmy wife has moved to Boston”

This indicates the producer didn’t have the cultural background to know that you didn’t have to change the UK single at all for the US market.

SIDS / news 

seeing a whole bunch of irresponsible reporting around this, so: one study potentially identifying a SIDS biomarker doesn't mean parents can abandon safe sleeping practices!!

i am working but i am also thinking about what i want to take a sexy picture of for @dad

Anybody else out there wearing glasses right now???

If we’re gonna do β€œthis band etc is 20+ years old” this morning then I’m gonna need more coffee, good lord

🎢welcome to the hotel calamari
any time of year
lots of squid are here 🎢 πŸ¦‘

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good morning! the sun is out, the birds are chirping, it's friday and i'm currently in a fugue state because In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 by Coheed & Cambria came out 20 years ago next year

🎸🎢mirrors on the ceiling
pink champagne on the ceiling
we are all just prisoners here (on the ceiling)🎢

@derek happy birthday to Alex and also…… mfer said bust especially

I told my coworker it was my birthday and he sat down at the desk next to mine had a full on existential meltdown, thanks guy!

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garfic design is my passion (designing Garfield fan fiction)

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