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I think the album "Trouble In Paradise" by Randy Newman is probably the most controversial pick to be in rotation on but consider that is has:

-steve lukather, david paich and jeff porcaro from toto
-paulinho de costa
-jennifer warnes and rickie lee jones backing vocals
-neil larsen from the larsen/feiten band


area man ate bagel, still hungry

Imagine the type of pervert who uses Pandora as a podcast app

anyway i'm turning 30 in a month and would like either

home listening headphones,
a baritone guitar,
a brass snare drum,
or a new camera body

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as a guy who likes really specific things my strategy for gifts lately is to make a list of things i like equally and say, surprise me with one, i will be equally excited about any of them

Good morning everyone bout to hit the big ol' shuffle button on with some new additions

Canโ€™t believe Iโ€™m saying this but the show would be improved if there was an opening crawl exposition dump before episode 1

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I still like wandavision but it might as well be on a streaming service only available to people who have confirmed they have watched more than 12 hours of previous marvel movies, and no amount of cool homage to sitcom formats or interesting performances can make it make sense to my mom, who basically understands who captain America, Spider-Man, and iron man are, tops

Sorry, sucks to suck, but my child plays with like, wooden trains and soft dolls

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There was an NYTimes Parenting piece the other day about annoying toys and the lede was like โ€œevery parent in America is dealing with one of THESE right now, we ALL have them, and theyโ€™re the WORSTโ€ and I literally had never seen or heard of it before. The lede might as well have been โ€œAs you know, everyone canโ€™t stop talking about DORDโ€

I think the editorial voice of the New York Times is: โ€œpolitics used to be when different rich white people politely disagreed about how much attention to pay to everyone else in the world. Should it be โ€œvery littleโ€? Or โ€œnot any at allโ€? But now, the people affected by policies are allowed to have opinions about them? But they havenโ€™t read the โ€œhaving opinionsโ€ rules!!!! Whatโ€™s up with this? Mods?????โ€

Because they show up at the end of your day expecting more effort than any other interaction?

even when was โ€œworkingโ€ I couldnโ€™t upload any media, not even a profile picture

Also the only other account on local was a qanon spam account

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Rip to @egg, you were an accident of science but at least you got in some posts before the totally-unrelated instance you were on shut down from disuse

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Happy Sunday. Filming wrapped on the new James Bond movie on October 25, 2019

This book is very sweet but โ€œdisney x bell hooksโ€ is an โ€ฆinteresting pairing

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