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luigi posting about the merchant marine in a shameless attempt to garner favor with my dead grandpa

uspol COVID 

If chuck grassley dies of COVID Iโ€™m looking forward to senator Michelle Bachmann

extremely cool that Biden appointed a Louisiana congressman who had a 48% rating from the league of conservation voters and nearly a million dollars in fossil fuel donations as a climate change liaison

Some of the worst companies on earth have been around the longest, but I donโ€™t mind a place that does one thing well continuing to do that thing

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Family business just means your dad knows more about whatever it is that you do than you do

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Things I value in a business in descending order:

Union shop
โ€œEmployee-ownedโ€ (this is nebulous)
Open a long time
Family business
Veteran owned
โ€œA portion of our sales go to x causeโ€

The real reason the film YouTube channel โ€œEvery Frame A Paintingโ€ stopped releasing videos was because I flooded their inbox with requests to do a video about the only film technique I care about: looping a tiny amount of film to make a tusken raider look more menacing or to make a pigeon do a double take

have any other admins gotten flooded with spam account requests? random string of character usernames. bigshoulders had 37 in queue

lol if a ps4 game gets upgraded to ps5 the trophies don't move over and you start from scratch, even if your save works? man, sony is bad at this shit

The child is sitting on the floor throwing blocks in front of the doorway before Sydney comes in as if she was a wet bandit from the home alone films

*against me! Thrash unreal voice* But they keep getting younger sheldons, baby

"it's garfield and friends, not garfield and mens" - a confused bigot


Keir Starmer is destroying Labour in a way that I am not sure the party will ever recover from, cool

can't pin this because i have too much other stuff pinned, so i'll just have to say it againโ€”i am not accepting follow requests from people i do not already know

i guess i will put it in my bio

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