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covid us 

I’m never going back to the office am I

sure would be cool if mastodon supported literally any of the resolutions the iphone records video in

If you or someone you know ever purchased rock band 4 for Xbox one and have this item lying around, I would be forever grateful and I will dedicate a performance of “thrash unreal” to you

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Desperately seeking one of these that is not $250 eBay dollars from Canada

"ah! you have drawn THE MAN IN THE MODEL T and THE WALLET. an auspicious combination!"

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i am going to make a tarot deck where all the cards are segment titles from season 2 of "Beyond Belief" on Fox hosted by jonathan frakes

"she drew fame at age 20, painted in gold" is a really weird phrase

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i believe that hunting and conservation can be complementary but "take only pictures, leave only footprints" should really be an ideal even when you're on a hunt for a particular game bird. i do prefer to eat what's hunted though, sport hunting is a little weird

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i am not anti-hunting particularly but what they mean by "hunting elements" is basically always, uh, literally trash

spent shells
lost calls
an empty blind

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it is unfair that the hottest picture of a woman i have ever seen is in a new york times obituary

good morning. there is a yearly duck-themed painting contest run by the federal government that is very prestigious and wildlife painters are upset because the trump administration added a new rule that the duck paintings MUST include hunting elements(!!!)

Please hire me to be your tiktok beat consultant

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These beats are all very bad, which you could have guessed considering that the guy was inspired to make beats by Gary Vaynerchuk

I am getting a thermal energy camera for my anniversary so we can run around the house detecting drafts. now that’s domestic bliss, folks

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