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i have decided to embrace my status as a mastodon villain by removing slash and amelia's ability to post about bizarre dear prudence columns as I DM them to "save it for the pod"

okay it's official: the local_only emoji on is a thermostat you're not allowed to touch


it is well known that if you don't start a trade war you are officially a "trade cuck" and that's just political science

Weโ€™ll Take This One, a show about advice columns and columnists hosted by three unqualified friends.

By Slash, Amelia, and Alex.

Coming later this Fall.

โ€œEnough punishment,โ€ that famous catholic concept

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lol the faculty senate at notre dame actually considered *commending* their president after he got covid not wearing a mask at the rose garden superspreader event


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POV: Iโ€™m Oscar Isaac and Iโ€™m going to quietly explain pasta to you

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the documentaries made by the โ€œcalmโ€ meditation app on hbo Max are like the television people would watch in the world of spike jonzeโ€™s โ€œHerโ€

the ๐Ÿ…ฑ๏ธassini space probe

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