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Fall... it’s coming.... i can feel it........... eeeeeeee

apple bullshit 

"you can have a game streaming service, but you have to submit a seperate app for EVERY GAME ON THE SERVICE" is extremely stupid bullshit

rewatching s1 of search party to catch up and i did not fully remember how every single person on the show is entirely intolerable

as soon as i get caught up on any show hulu insists on queuing up the first episode of richard morty

i'm just gonna say it—Yves Guillemot talks like a sexy baby

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oh hell yeah the scott pilgrim brawler is coming to switch

wonder if the "why can't I say the word" crowd is really into 70s randy newman

DM fail is short for "dunki mdonuts fail"

callout post 

dunkin donuts is fucking dogshit

straight up losing my mind at the wedding scene in superstore and them walking down the aisle to a string quartet cover of the hamster dance

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