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for those of you not following along home we have reached the part of hamilton where it gets good

@tasnyx @evan @femforms on a real historical note it is pretty wild the dueling was already illegal during the entire period alexander was in America

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@evan @alex @femforms
actors $400
composition $600
choreography $5,000
set design: $200
someone who is good at running broadway shows please help me budget

children raising children, oh, how do you handle it? :rightpos:

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I still know every word to the theme song, it is a bop

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Clone High is probably the number one animated show featuring dashboard confessional and taking back sunday songs cancelled because of an international incident

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photos of a very large beetle 

this mama turned up on our back porch this morning

most predictable alex toot of the year 

new HAIM album whips

Does anyone have any idea what this bug is on our basil? @plants boosts welcome for ID help

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would anyone care to explain why this wiki article for a character from the 1996 Island of Dr. Moreau movie turns halfway into the lyrics for "Boom! Shake the Room" by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

I’m posting public to say i’m and that’s what counts

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