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Public posts may be discoverable and accessible by visiting someone’s profile, but this qoto feature (and the mastodon pull request that does the same thing) posits that users are entitled to view someone’s public posts at the moment they’re posted. That’s wrong. Denying a follow request, but not blocking someone, means you do not consent to giving them instantaneous and convenient access to reply to or engage with your posts. Just because they’re public doesn’t mean they’re for you.

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Gonna block on this instance later this morning when I’m at my desk.

Their forked version of mastodon implements a feature that allows accounts on their instance to follow locked accounts—even if you reject a follow request from a qoto user, they can see all your public-level posts on their home timeline.

This is a breach of trust to users of other instances and provides a vector for stalking and harassment, as users may not know who is following them.

does anyone have recommendations for kitchen compost bins? has to be easy to take out to the yard for emptying into the big guy

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There’s a baby asleep on my chest and I am just trying to not spill drinks on them

The amazon listing for this baby ear protection describes the itinerary of the coolest baby in the world

I will say I was extremely into the way the monsters’ dialogue was this mishmash of the way little boys talk and the way they think adults talk, I think the Dave Eggers script really delivers

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common sense media says it’s appropriate for ages 9 and up but I honestly think it’s more for parents than kids

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watched spike jonze’s Where The Wild Things Are on Friday night for the first time; I get why it was so polarizing. It is so good at summoning the inner word of an angry little boy (especially in dialogue) but as a parent (oh boy it feels weird saying that) I understood that it was too scary, too frenetic, too *wild* to really be a success

it took an hour but it went ok!!! internet!!!!!

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lord help me I am going to try to replace our router in a forty five minute window this evening

@darius is there an eta on 3.1 support for hometown? (I know it's a passion project, no rush)

Finally installed some cabinet lighting in the butler’s pantry, an easy upgrade that adds a lot

a quick guide to exclusive lists on 

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The short answers are, btw, “while mastodon is a great foundation, the creators of the project are most interested in open- and cross-compatible groups, and have nixed some of the features I care about most in a small community where people are talking about their families.” And “this space is partially for stoking conversation about the meaning of fatherhood, culturally and practically, distinct from gender. I want that conversation to be front and center. What makes /you/ feel like a dad?”

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Thinking about adding an FAQ to’s about page, including the obvious “Why not regular mastodon?” and “why dads and just not parents?”

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