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currently my two month old is dancing to the Austin city limits vampire weekend episode, in the hope that they, too, can be a dad someday


earlier today @sydney texted me about having a cocktail after work; what she meant to say was "Old Fashioneds" and instead we got ๐Ÿง“ :mower: :goose_honk:

me: gimme the good shit

spotify: Radar Love (UK Single Version) [3:43]

me: no, the really good shit

spotify: Radar Love [6:26]

me: you're holding out on me

spotify: Radar Love [6:27]

me: spotify, you trust me, right? you love me. make it happen

spotify: โ€ฆ.

Radar Love - Live [11.18]

:mower: is now on the fork of mastodon, by @darius! :catch:

All the features of Mastodon 3.0.1, plus local-only posting (posts only dads can see!), rich text, the ability to follow article-type posts from ActivityPub, and more (check out for details).

There's never been a better time to join this little instance, now on a super-speedy little server of its very own. If you've got kids and identify as a dad, hit me up for an invite!

admin announcement, downtime at 2PM 

OK! we're switching to the hometown fork now. will be down for an hour or two starting at 2PM EST.

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OK, will be offline starting at 12pm EST for a few hours or possibly til tomorrow depending on how this goes

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The number one thing we'll get from this is the ability to post only to local timelines, as well as rich text and a few other bells and whistles.
If anyone on the instance is a software engineer I would appreciate assistance with the move if I have issues; I am a hobbyist at best.

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admin announcement, downtime 

I'm going to be migrating to the Hometown fork of mastodon ( sometime this week; I will let everyone know when the downtime will happen. There will probably be a few bugs or issues while I handle the migration from to my Linode.

admin note, domain blocks 

After some discussion with users both on and off my other instances, I've added to our domain blocklist for dogpiling of marginalized voices and for insufficient moderation of bad actors.

I will post all future domain blocks in this thread, but I am interested in using our Discord to discuss cases of proposed blocks; if you don't already have an invite to the dadscord just let me know.

I havenโ€™t played sicko mode for the baby yet because they are not old enough to wear the hearing protection necessary, but believe me it is a priority

A public Henri pic for your new year 

Yes I have one turn-of-the-century postcard baby for everyone

Question for Springsteen fans 

To be clear, the *drumming* is very good. The productionโ€”the drum soundsโ€”is soโ€ฆ floppy

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Question for Springsteen fans 

Why do the drums on Born To Run (the song, not the album) sound so bad

dads today canโ€™t play catch, all they know is Home networking subreddit, dodging antivax relatives, unused letterboxd account, half-remembered pavement lyrics


It happened to me: my wife understated the amount of zucchini in this lasagna

I believe in reducing, reusing, and recycling, in that order, and the American recyclable system is certainly broken, but itโ€™s not as if aluminum and glass and paper *cannot be recycled*

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I read the jacobin anti-recycling opinion piece and I think it nails their trademark โ€œrighteous anger that is confused about what is righteousโ€ house style

Craig Finn Heartbroken to Discover that Pringles Do Not Come in Cans

A.) please do not ask me for conoverโ€™s number, he is not single

B.) here I go again
Turban squash

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