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They have blue corn and red carrots, farmers are wildling

The baby and I are excited about the seed catalog, but everybody else has left the room

Please tell me what Doug and Stacy’s YouTube videos are about. Wrong answers only, please

no man has ever looked good with a hat on indoors

the only explanation I can think of for that is that the guy perceived a part of his multi-thousand-dollar bike that could possibly be made more expensive

someone on the peloton subreddit is asking how they can put their leather brooks saddle on the bike. white people are broken

ok I just added "I want to be stronger than your dad was for your mom" to my profile, thanks

a frontbottomy is a brain surgery that makes you repeat lyrics uncontrollably

I just tried to explain what The Totally Rad Show was to my incredulous 24 year old coworker

a passing interest in possibly running a role playing game lead me to reading this truly horrible pitch for a 70sploitation ttrpg

I believe I would be a very bad sailing dad because it took me an hour and a half of playing sea of thieves solo to figure out that there was a recognizable top of the wheel that would help me to know I was going straight


rejecting that follow request from

hearing a lot of great things about but I'm not that into phrenology, personally

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen is probably the only S-tier Christmas song

This thought brought to you by writing six Christmas cards rapid fire while the baby naps and my wife and mother-in-law get ready to go to my parents house

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