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ok I just added "I want to be stronger than your dad was for your mom" to my profile, thanks

a frontbottomy is a brain surgery that makes you repeat lyrics uncontrollably

I just tried to explain what The Totally Rad Show was to my incredulous 24 year old coworker

a passing interest in possibly running a role playing game lead me to reading this truly horrible pitch for a 70sploitation ttrpg

I believe I would be a very bad sailing dad because it took me an hour and a half of playing sea of thieves solo to figure out that there was a recognizable top of the wheel that would help me to know I was going straight


a guy who keeps saying he could really go for a "mild thai" cocktail

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rejecting that follow request from

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hearing a lot of great things about but I'm not that into phrenology, personally

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen is probably the only S-tier Christmas song

This thought brought to you by writing six Christmas cards rapid fire while the baby naps and my wife and mother-in-law get ready to go to my parents house

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I got a buffalo plaid fleece-lined LL Bean robe for Christmas, as is my right and responsibility as a father

*makes j/o motion and rolls eyes so hard my hands become carbonated and my eyes win the indy 500*

if you flip the lid over it becomes Hollow Man (2000) merch instead

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what's the market for these? funko pop dads, but obscenely rich ones?


joel paterson: what if, on this album cover, I was all of the Beatles. of course I am still only playing guitar

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another album cover with ec in photo 

oh my god I hadn't seen this one before, it's deranged

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album cover with ec in photo 

I actually like this record quite a bit but mr. paterson looks like the picture that would come up if you looked up "white person" in the dictionary

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