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When a dadmin and an admom love eachother very much…

💃 there is now a moms instance, too 💃 

My wife @sydney, who is very cool and very smart, now has an instance at for cooler moms than us dads.

Apply if you're a mama!

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mastodon needs moms, gauging interest 

Thank you for boosting and faving!

Replies or DMs are really the only way we can gauge real interest (and send invites if we do start it) so please let me know if you're interested in an account on (probably what we'd go with).

Pet moms are not moms, sorry!

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There is a reddit for "Century Homes" (houses over 100 years old) and I am becoming a century home truther. I do not believe some of those houses are actually old

mastodon needs moms, signal boost, 3 

Like dads, moms can be any or no gender, if they have or are expecting a human child or children and identify as a mom

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mastodon needs moms, signal boost 

I think 10 moms is the threshold to justify the expense? My wife is @Sydney, she is very nice.

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mastodon needs moms, signal boost 

I've asked about this before but my wife would be interested in a mom instance, if you know any moms on here who might like to have a mom alt, we'll spin something up

Only my closest friends learn about the ebay store from which extremely nice vintage rugs can be purchased for pennies on the dollar. This is not a joke post.

I spend a borderline-inappropriate amount of time thinking about organizing my basement

house renovation screaming 

THE ONE PART of my house I can physically enter, the garage, is now inaccessible because of the storms last night, also all the windows to the garage are painted shut, so I guess my recycling will be there forever

Trying and failing to teach my infant son that I only play videogames because I am an adult and don't have to make any more friends than I already have


Suddenly my wife is extremely showing and it's cool, there's a whole damn little one in there

I backed this kickstarter ages ago and I would put a lot of money on that this will be the thing my son covets most but is not allowed to touch. What are things your kids want their grubby hands on but are FOR DADS ONLY?

Sorry to the instance that we're not going to have the bon mots of "kamagra ligne viagra" on here

I hold a invite code—single use, never expires—for the helldude. Waiting for helldude. Always waiting.

gender, baby 

Thinking about how my aunt said she needed to know the sex of our upcoming baby because her friend is going to make a quilt. I cannot think of any less-important quilt-making information than chromosomes

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