@Pixley this is one of those titles where you can put punctuation in and change the meaning

@Pixley @healyn holster but no pants. Now those are priorities

@Laser except that radtown itself was good and not just influential

@Laser i know wranglers are an arm and leg to insure because they're technically convertibles

@ponfarr gently retiring apparently unless taken over

@Pixley there is no way this word is the simplest way to say neonazi in dutch

and another ephemeral art is a slice of lasagna that is injected with heroin

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and the people who paid upwards of $150,000 for this art are now donating it to museums, by which they mean mailing the certificate to them so the museum can go out and buy a banana

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if for some reason you are paywalled or do not want to read the newed yorked times, the crux of the article is that the piece of art that made the news recently that was just a banana duct-taped to a wall, is actually a certificate of authenticity that comes with instructions on how to properly hang your own banana

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which figure in this piece is most likely to be the person who wrote the sex diary we were all clowning on

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“We bought the lasagne from Marks and Spencer and the heroin from a dealer” really should have been the first line of this article


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