@interneteh I like the dad from Call Me By Your Name because he is both nurturing and also fosters independence

Please help me I cannot stop saying "Uppababy Vista" like "Wehadababy Itsaboy"

*chanting, first quietly, then louder* baby socks. baby socks. baby socks

jd asked about a baby pool so here it is 

@Quixote171 we're not talking about pickles and sausages today, Justin

We got a new washer and dryer yesterday, and they had to run firmware updates over wifi because that's what 2019 is like I guess. On the plus size now I can be alerted when the dryer is done without hearing a midi Mozart ringtone from a closed laundry room

@Pixley my dad has been there for work like eight times, I am going to look through his closet to see if he has any MIT Media Lab swag

@interneteh *making an annoying pinging noise by snapping my finger against this mug* "I'm just flicking the virtual bean"

The genius previous owners of our house put a battery-powered smoke detector over the wiring for a wired smoke detector

The newparents channel on my work’s slack is full of pictures of dabbing babies. Just, chock a block of babbo dabbos

hot basement content 

Current status: bemused and alarmed that the Wirecutter's Kayak recommendation article appears to have disappeared from the site

Currently sitting in the car waiting to pick @sydney up from her local Mothers’ Club trivia night, which she did not want to do and I am very proud of her for doing, and I am bumping only the finest dad jams

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