☝️somebody I do not know posted my bumper sticker on r/citypop and it got 400+ upvotes

πŸ«₯ the person who commented saying β€œI need this so bad, can you scan it for me”

son, it is seven dollars and he provided a link. Please fuck off

#inktober #artober Treasure Trove 1

I love to draw on graph paper and I transferred this over with tracing paper, but it made the ink lines fuzzy and the colors smudge, so tomorrow I'll see about marking my spaces with pencil but just drawing directly on the good paper

1. A tiny tourmaline-encrusted key, a very large spruce greatclub, a very large ruby gem, an iron-tipped spear, a lamp and a grey-brown amulet.

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once again i make no representations about how many days i might actually participate, but here's a #looptober inspired by the very repetitive but catchy soundtrack to the game Dadish

Currently listening to Joni Mitchell Blue by a roaring fire

@ryan you got my Dump Truck Disco posts and that’s all that matters

All iOS knows is β€œnew contact photo available” and lie

I’m really hoping to get 31 of these done!!!

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