as always (and with all babies) the gender of my baby is TBD, AWAITING CAPACITY FOR SELF-EXPRESSION

@touk Currently, hometown servers do not have a way of broadcasting that they support this feature—see Once there's some sort of standard for that, I can start asking app devs, but I would warn that it's probably an extremely low priority based on affected userbase

occasionally possible to find good stuff in the girls' section of carters that isn't MY DADDY SAYS I'M THE QUEEN OF PRINCESSES XOXOXO

@Pixley @neoncoughh is this a Wisconsin thing? It is definitely a New England thing

selfie with baby, ec, boosts ok 

Cars are so pleasing as objects when they're good, but I have such conflicted feelings about them.

We have one car (an EV) and I really would like to just never use fossil fuels ever again, but there's a whole world of vintage vehicles that have so much more character and integrity as machines than the newest EVs. And the highway infrastructure in this country is totally devoted to gas stations and not fast charging.

I wish electric conversions were mainstream, I would love an electric truck

@i_noah_guy bringatrailer attracts a special kind of car nerd car, often 80s and 90s 4x4s and European sedans. There's a car show called Radwood that focuses on late 80s to mid 90s cars, and that's definitely the trend in hobbyist cars right now. XJ Jeep Cherokees especially is a classic dad trap. Most dangerous website for dads. this 1987 Jeep Comanche with 129k miles on it and I just want to listen to Springsteen and load it with bags of gravel

@touk @darius not that I’m aware of. I’ve had good luck with feature suggestions when it comes to the developer of Toot for iPhone, I plan on lobbying this next week. They do render properly across all clients I’ve seen, at least.

@giromide followers-only, local-only will mean only your followers who are also members of this instance can see it. Unlisted, local-only means only members of this instance who either visit your timeline, see another member boost it, or follow you will see it.

@giromide sorry, redrafted for clarity. If you want the toot to appear in the local, even for people who don’t follow you, use public-local-only.

first she/her dad on today 😎😎😎

nonwhite, non-cishet dads (boost to find dads) 

@sydney think of all the good punches you could do with that lead arm though

My kit was due for new heads. Actually overdue. Actually embarrassingly overdue. I had my second drum lesson in many years today and part of exercising the muscle is taking better care of the tools, I think

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