I'm so glad I bought a snowblower, and I am excited(??) to get the leaf blower that works with that battery system for the spring. bonus; the whole blower is light enough for me to pick it up and carry it across the front yard to our front path

personally I think it’s fucked up that my baby is bigger today than they were yesterday

I will not buy any gas tools, ever, thank you

First round of shoveling done, I probably have to do it every 5 or so hours at the rate the snow is coming

when the baby is milk-drunk and waving their arms wildly and only one of their eyes is open I really like saying “time, gentlemen, please” like the pub is closing

@interneteh the real Warren would say if Tom gives away 3 apples a year, we don’t have to worry about what Tom does with the 47 other apples

Frantically driving to two different hardware stores to get the two different types of snow shovels required for tonight because it did not occur to me to do so before the foot of snow forecasted from tonight until Thursday

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I spend a lot of time staring at my baby’s eyes going “WHAT COLOR ARE YOU.” The answer is unclear

baby ec 

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