We were somewhere around brumbus on the edge of the desert when the comgahungus began to take hold

this counts as dad stuff because i'm a dad and i'm an immigrant and i'm fucking pissed off

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i made this and you can have it, if like me, you're mad about the student visa changes

@tasnyx @femforms @evan like Love Never Dies by ALW, in 2039 LMM will write a sequel to hamilton about Burr's bizarre attempt at treason and how theodosia was killed by pirates and how alexander hamilton jr was his ex-wife's divorce lawyer

@tasnyx @femforms @evan 2nd place finisher becoming vice president one of the dumbest founding father ideas of all time

@tasnyx @femforms @evan people who paid 600 dollars a ticket and definitely voted for him twice

@tasnyx @femforms @evan also kai i haven't had the chance to tell you your avi is great, great shirt, great hair

@tasnyx @femforms @evan can't wait for 2030 when they remake hamilton and the cabinet raps sound like lil peep

@tasnyx @femforms @evan it is stupid, that is the point, his whole insistence on pride and legacy is stupid but he keeps doing it even though it hurts everyone

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