suspended for pleroma nonsense (an @everyone tag that affects masto accounts)

yes i'm aware of jon's the cure post and i am considering next steps

if the current trajectory continues we are not *super* far from having to bump up d.c to the $42/month hosting tier, probably in a month or two

I’m planning to put some time into updating the blocklist here today (and making sure matches). If any admins want to DM me their list that would be helpful, I know a lot of foulness has popped up this month

hey I normally post mod actions local-only but @radicalrobit brought to my attention that some scummos are getting to other instance’s posts because hasn’t suspended them yet. I just suspended 6 accounts (gotta love open registration instances) of one of these users. Please let me know if anything else like this pops up I’ll act as quickly as possible. For d.c users, I post mod actions with the hashtag . Sorry for leaving the door cracked to creeps

anyway our blocklist is on, i do not have as much time to affirmatively search for urls to block but if i hear about something i will do something. new blocks are announced as local-only posts with the tag

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per Eugen, truthsocial disabled all federation features. so if you're wondering if is blocking it, there's nothing to block.

suspending as the url is being used to impersonate users in polls (and possibly elsewhere). h/t to @lawremipsum for discovering the issue in the weirdest way possible (ballot-stuffing in a poll where β€œlmao” was the winning answer)

alrighty i'm gonna suspend because among other things, their TOS uses the standard of "deserves it" for whether violent and abusive language and posts are ok (cw screenshot from TOS that describes graphic violence)

In addition to some overdue domain blocks, the Code of Conduct at has been updated with the following changes:

Β· a table of commonly-used CWs if you're new to Mastodon

Β· a statement explaining that multi-user instances without codes of conduct (or with codes of conduct that do not explicitly forbid harassment) will be suspended

Β· a link to the github page where changes to the code can be tracked

Updating to hometown 1.0.4+3.1.4 momentarily, expect only a couple minutes of downtime.

Fixes include:
-"Not Available" image attachments will now reattempt to download (a mastodon bug fixed in 3.1.4)

-pinned local-only posts now stay local-only (thanks @darius!)

-in apps, replies to local posts will stay local, and unique posts will be local-only if that's what you have as default in the web UI (see details in screenshot)

A lot of good fixes coming in the next update next week, including a fix for the β€œnot available” image preview bug which affected pretty much the whole fediverse, as well as several fixes for local-only posting, including local-only pinned posts. Thanks for the hard work, @darius!

Gonna block on this instance later this morning when I’m at my desk.

Their forked version of mastodon implements a feature that allows accounts on their instance to follow locked accountsβ€”even if you reject a follow request from a qoto user, they can see all your public-level posts on their home timeline.

This is a breach of trust to users of other instances and provides a vector for stalking and harassment, as users may not know who is following them.

Thinking about adding an FAQ to’s about page, including the obvious β€œWhy not regular mastodon?” and β€œwhy dads and just not parents?” is a Mastodon instance for dads, running the Hometown fork of Mastodon.