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Today’s project: replacing the 240v thermostat that controls the one non-hot water heat source in our house; the master bathroom baseboard heater. Because a heated bathroom is much more useful if you can start heating it before you walk in on a 20 degree morning

Finished today’s outdoor task right before it started snowing(!). Replacing a terrible enleaded dryer vent with one that only opens when hot air is flowing. The new vent came only in off-white pvc color so I painted it with some plastic-ready spray paint.

*chanting, first quietly, then louder* baby socks. baby socks. baby socks

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Currently sitting in the car waiting to pick @sydney up from her local Mothers’ Club trivia night, which she did not want to do and I am very proud of her for doing, and I am bumping only the finest dad jams

The dad energy coming off this OfferUp listing is PALPABLE

I backed this kickstarter ages ago and I would put a lot of money on that this will be the thing my son covets most but is not allowed to touch. What are things your kids want their grubby hands on but are FOR DADS ONLY?

Sorry to the instance that we're not going to have the bon mots of "kamagra ligne viagra" on here

Yeah, sex is great, but have you ever tried *finding intact historic hardwood under bad carpeting in your master bedroom*?

Some more garden work; clearing out these weedy ferns. Might brick this area in a for a patio.

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