The dad energy coming off this OfferUp listing is PALPABLE

I backed this kickstarter ages ago and I would put a lot of money on that this will be the thing my son covets most but is not allowed to touch. What are things your kids want their grubby hands on but are FOR DADS ONLY?

Sorry to the instance that we're not going to have the bon mots of "kamagra ligne viagra" on here

Yeah, sex is great, but have you ever tried *finding intact historic hardwood under bad carpeting in your master bedroom*?

Some more garden work; clearing out these weedy ferns. Might brick this area in a for a patio.

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This is as far as I got today, but there’s only so much basement tinkering you can get away with when your wife is upstairs doing work that, y’know, makes the parts of the house people will *live in* look better

When life gives you a 115-year old basement with spiders, mice, and dust, you get labeled, gasketed airtight Sterilites for all your cables. (Filling them after weed whacking is done)

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Happy Father’s Day, dads! Home improvement over here with my own pa, removed this weird, ugly tree growing right up against our foundation.

We did get these! They're awesome!

I absolutely recommend without reservation. Super stable and comfortable, and the webbing is actually replaceable unlike the 60s ones.

Our new town has town trash/recycling pickup but you have to buy your own bins, and the previous owners didn't leave any behind, so we decided to go with the Rolls Royce of trash and recycling rollouts; these Rubbermaid ones with four wheels and step to open lids. Is it wrong to love a rubbish bin?

Gonna cop four of these. Excited for "50's dad, but make him goth" in our backyard.

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