qc pol 

fuck quebec

fuck the colonial project of "preserving" an imperial language

i want to buy the editor who chose this photo for this article a beer

Selfie, EC, my wife hates these glasses 

And yet, I am here, in Florida, wearing them

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This is the ideal dad short inseam. You might not like it, but it is peak sartorial form

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what level of liberal brain are you on? psh, you are like a little baby. watch this

wow there's a photo of the altercation with the secret service from jan 6

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jan 6 

what if trump was just trying to get the aux cord

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What’s more Florida than a walmart with palm trees and a casino shaped like half a les Paul

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do you just guys know what you do?

need a spider-man pointing meme for β€œthe courts”

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uspol, pelosi 

🎢i don't believe anything any of you say 🎢

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nonsensical liberal tweet 

I am begging you to know your enemy even a little bit, just learn literally anything about how government is set up (I don’t want to use the word β€œworks,” because, yknow)

If I had one of those fuckoff listening rooms in my house with a ton of houseplants where I recorded perfectly pristine and vibey sun drenched DJ sets I would absolutely get this but for now I have to say stop tempting me you damn electronic bay

i am sure this will go great and not be used for anything bad

can't wait until the new york times discovers when the police show up to *every other kind of crime*

Italian yacht rock compilation…….. darkness and light, living in harmony…. Balance to the force

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