i made this and you can have it, if like me, you're mad about the student visa changes

photos of a very large beetle 

this mama turned up on our back porch this morning

Does anyone have any idea what this bug is on our basil? @plants boosts welcome for ID help

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This heat wave is saying "DON'T READ THIS" to my lettuce and "hello" to my tomatoes

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ok so I just sang “solidarity forever” to the baby as a lullaby and they fell asleep like this

this whole deal is going pretty well considering there was nothing here but a shitty hedge on april 8th

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like, the dream is that the solar savings equal your previous electrical bill minus the loan payment like this comment but i am very skeptical

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baby ec 

we had horrible teething pain and no naps so we went over to nana and grandpa’s pool to reset. went pretty good imo

instead of their usual squirming and flipping over, the baby decided to take the opportunity to just uhh sit up and start rocking like a bull rider

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