as always I do my designing in Pages because everything else is intimidating

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Turns out one of the few places still shipping seeds is the hipster row 7 seeds so we’re gonna grow some habanada peppers (mild habaneros), tiny butternut squashes, and bitter cucumbers

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another quarantine time house upgrade: replacing the flimsy fluorescent tube shop lights (which didn't even work in cold weather!) in the garage with LEDs. Unfortunately, who knows when I'll be able to recycle the tube bulbs now; the bulb recycling office is closed til further notice.

I put together this chart to show how the addition of the Local-Only toggle on instances running or affects post privacy. It's not the simplest thing in the world, but for small communities, I think local-only posting is indispensable.

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The amazon listing for this baby ear protection describes the itinerary of the coolest baby in the world

Finally installed some cabinet lighting in the butler’s pantry, an easy upgrade that adds a lot

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We got one of those things that analyzes your electricity usage on your breaker panel and figuring out what is what is a fun adventure

occasionally possible to find good stuff in the girls' section of carters that isn't MY DADDY SAYS I'M THE QUEEN OF PRINCESSES XOXOXO

selfie with baby, ec, boosts ok is a classic dad trap. Most dangerous website for dads. this 1987 Jeep Comanche with 129k miles on it and I just want to listen to Springsteen and load it with bags of gravel

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