occasionally possible to find good stuff in the girls' section of carters that isn't MY DADDY SAYS I'M THE QUEEN OF PRINCESSES XOXOXO

selfie with baby, ec, boosts ok 

bringatrailer.com is a classic dad trap. Most dangerous website for dads. this 1987 Jeep Comanche with 129k miles on it and I just want to listen to Springsteen and load it with bags of gravel

My kit was due for new heads. Actually overdue. Actually embarrassingly overdue. I had my second drum lesson in many years today and part of exercising the muscle is taking better care of the tools, I think

a quick guide to local-only posts on dads.cool 


A public Henri pic for your new year 

A.) please do not ask me for conover’s number, he is not single

B.) here I go again
Turban squash

Please tell me what Doug and Stacy’s YouTube videos are about. Wrong answers only, please

a passing interest in possibly running a role playing game lead me to reading this truly horrible pitch for a 70sploitation ttrpg

*makes j/o motion and rolls eyes so hard my hands become carbonated and my eyes win the indy 500*

if you flip the lid over it becomes Hollow Man (2000) merch instead

what's the market for these? funko pop dads, but obscenely rich ones?

another album cover with ec in photo 

album cover with ec in photo 

Someone on r/homelab posted this as “stage one” of their home IT lab and I just want to say I am concerned that stage two may require law enforcement intervention. I am just a simple dad who wants to see nicely-organized cabling. I do not want this

I’m not saying I blame one particular user of ours but I am

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