Follow is immediately suspended on,, and bigshoulders because of this.

any component part of the department of homeland security of the united states has nearly boundless potential of being a vector of terror and abuse. i don't care if a nerd you like works there. they are not going to see our posts.

my "kiss me, i work for a DHS agency that trump created but i'm NOT a cop or fed" shirt is raising a lot of questions that should be answered by the shirt

When you say “CISA does good work protecting our federal agencies online” you are saying “I want ICE’s fences and firewalls to be equally strong”.

@alex Trump did not create DHS, which has existed since 2003, and it includes such "evil" organizations as FEMA, and the Environmental Measurements Laboratory.

@thomasafine 1. Bush created DHS, a disaster from the start that militarized immigration, birthed the modern surveillance state, and ruined air travel in this country (among many other crimes and degradations)
2. man I did Katrina cleanup please do not tell me how great FEMA is

@alex That doesn't mean you should block all servers that allow people on who work for FEMA.

@thomasafine this is such an obvious willful misinterpretation of what infosec is doing by hosting an *official DHS account* for the organization that, for example, protects ICE from DDOS or makes sure the constantly wrong TSA no-fly list doesn’t get leaked to civil rights orgs.

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