mastodon performance is going to be very bad today. for everyone, on every instance. please do not bother your admins about this. thank you, we love you, maybe take a nice lil walk outside in the crisp late autumn morning (or spring evening, whatever hemisphere) while you wait for your picture of your cat to upload. cheers.

‼️If you boosted or faved this you are required to take the word “refugee” out of your bio if it is referring to your personal decision to stop using a free website for getting mad at the news ‼️

@alex oh look, just like my real dad, not actually helping me

@alex oh man everythings getting hit hard lol. did the mass resignations yesterday really drive this much traffic today

@alex im a bit mean now :blobcatevil2: that might also be a reason to join a comfy pleroma/misskey instance :comfy:

@alex Really squandering my ability to entice new follows with my cats Alex!

@alex Looks out of window. Given how heavy that rain is I'll be better off staying in and somehow introducing even more bugs to the server.

@alex if you intend to bother your admin, take these simple steps:

1. Write out the message.
2. Subtract the remaining character count from 1000.
3. Donate a number in your local currency equal to the result of step 2 to your admin.
4. Delete the message and have a cuppa.

@jayatid @alex Yesterday was an ultimatum Space Karen set for Twitter employees. It basically said "agree to hardcore and extreme work or get 3 months severance".

Some sources say currently 200 people are left at Twitter. Some are wondering if Twitter will survive the weekend.

@jesper @alex I didn't think that would directly translate into immediate user movement to Mastodon or at least not so immediately. Interesting times!

@kebokyo @alex Twitter is IMPLODING and everyone's fleeing. A lot of them are fleeing to fedi. So lots of instances are slammed right now!

(Over here we've barely even noticed. Made some new friends though. =^.^=)

@frostwolf @alex I thought that already happened. Didn’t know there was another wave happening

@kebokyo @frostwolf @alex yeah there's supposedly a big wave of employees leaving twitter now which triggered more people jumping ship

Satire. Don't do what Johnny Don't Does 

@alex so what you're saying is @ tag our admin(s), complain, AND self-boost that post? On it!

@alex performance on my pleroma instance is very good

@alex Also, maybe look up how your instance is supported, and chip in if you can. I signed up for Techhub's patreon today.

@alex as @joenewberry sez the outside is good for your insides. Have a terrific weekend all y’all. 🍂🍁😎

@alex Do people actually write the admin, call IT, or complain to the company? Maybe it's working in corporate for so long, but I avoid calling at all costs. If things act slow, I figure they need a vacation and I give them one.

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