regular appliance failure update (we need a hashtag for these): our dryer has decided to never stop turning, even when powered off; only opening the door or unplugging it will stop the motion


'good' news; it's apparently a simple-to-replace 240 dollar part failure. dryer is 3 years old

@alex I bet it'd be cheaper to just desolder the broken relay and put in a new one. You ended up getting that soldering iron, right?

@sexybenfranklin @alex
Tricky though. Assuming the solder joints are pretty hefty since it's a power path, and assuming you can't get between PCB and relay to snip the leads, you'd really have to heat all 3+ joints about equally to slip the relay out. Quickly hopping the soldering iron around the joints. A hot air desoldering gun would make it much easier :/

@touk @alex I don't know about that particular board but I linked a video. Looks like it's encased in silicone instead of epoxy, which is good. If you had someone helping you by pulling the relay as you desoldered the pins from the back it's probably not too bad

@sexybenfranklin @alex If Alex will fly us out there, we will gladly assist

@alex @sexybenfranklin Well I did just time travel here from the 1960s so let me just take a sip of coffee and check what flights cost in the 21st century--

@touk @alex I can't afford to spend the PTO for additional trips right now and if Alex is covering my plane ticket, I'm not going to expect him to cover my salary as well, that'd just be ludicrous.

@alex 240 for a whole control board probably?
I was typing a reply that the relay that powers the spin motor is likely stuck ON. That thread seems to agree.

If you feel like poking around the circuit:
the simplest possible fix (no guarantee) is to gently knock on the relay(s) in there. Try to unstick the contact.

If the relay(s) aren't permanently epoxied to the board, you could probe them to confirm stuck ON (COM shorted to N.O.) and replace the relay. Probably for <$30 and ~3 solder pins?

@alex Actually probably 4-5 contacts you'd have to desolder, clean a little, resolder new part. 2 for enable coil and at least 2 high power side. Forget I said 3.

@alex you could just leave the door open when you're not drying and save yourself $240.

@alex oh, yeah. Dang. Is it the control panel? I have a whirlpool that just flat died on me and the part was about the same price. Super easy to replace

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