I will be playing summery lovely jams on vinyl outside Nibbana Cafe in Lowell, MA as part of the 2022 Lowell Folk Festival on Saturday July 30 from 12-3pm. It’s the second largest free folk festival in the US! Come say hi!

This time I WILL record this set and I will NOT confuse the “recording” and “ready to record” states on my TASCAM

i used to play middle school dances with this system lmao

My lovely wife @sydney wrote labels for my blank 45 sleeves 🥰🥰🥰

Gig today! Car packed, route planned, giving myself 45 minutes for load-in and setup which I think will be good?

Ah I see I left my PA speaker stands at my parents house

(They will drop them off for me, and I can set up 95% without them)

Despite a massive battle with late July winds (what you see is several iterations of my attempts to defeat it but I still had some needle jumps from wind alone) it was a great gig! Hope to do it again somewhere less windy. Or yknow, indoors

Huuuge thanks to @andy for coming out! Lovely to meet you!

Some learns today
-I really wish I had a five foot table instead of four, didn’t really have room for anything
-my math for number of records was perfect, so I’ll continue that system (one record for every two minutes of playtime gives me options but not too many)
-wind is a fuck and it almost made me wish I had done a digital rig… but then the heat would have been way more of an issue on my old MacBook

Thank god for the fence behind me because before I worked out a system my Slipmats blew away three times

A 60something woman came up and was browsing my stacks and kept asking about stuff (do you have the soul train theme song, play this booker t album) and then she was like, how much for this one? (Tavares) lady is this a thing where you think I’m just previewing my wares and I am the only vendor around directly next to a cafe

@alex @sydney I love this so much, it kind of delightfully frames you as about fifty years older than you are

@alex likewise, and thanks for the swell jams! excellent start to our folk fest day.

@alex my canopy has 3 zip-on sides (not good for covid safety but good for wind) (assuming one has canopy weights!!)

@amsomniac great question, no one seems willing to say!

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