Yeah I’m into MTG

Goddamn lawn

We just doubled our garden plot and eliminated a bunch of lawn in the process, definitely interested in planting clover as well but

*stops mowing the lawn for good, for biodiversity reasons* 😎

*my entire property becomes a Japanese knotweed monoculture* :coolcrying:

@alex I swear I mowed the lawn April 30 and then and blew up the next day

@touk we just expanded our garden 2x so whatever, I don’t treat or water it


@alex I don't know what to do with our lawn and I lack the knowledge, time, and energy right now :coolcrying:

So it's no garden and being taken over by various weeds


I can confirm that #NoMowMay works. I haven't mowed in almost 2 weeks and we have lots big bumbly bees all over the tiny purple flower things that are growing.

I am normally on the no treat, no water, just mow plan, so we already have a solid base of weeds and other stuff in there.

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