the Disney vs. public domain distinction of “if Pooh has pants on, that’s Disney. If he’s nude, that’s public domain” should apply to all Disney characters

goodbye sweet prince, you have achieved ten boosts and are now muted

@alex only if they're non-human and do not possess primary and or secondary sexual characteristics

@alex ok I don't think these spec supports it but somebody needs to figure out a way to hack in a decent equivalent of quote tweets I already know that the website preview card thing works maybe a slight expansion/modification of that. And yes Captain America wearing something like a leotard in a great Gatsby remake would be quite enjoyable 🤣😂🤣🤣

The quotes and harassment etc 

@addressforbots @alex
You can do this.

QRTs are generally frowned upon here because they are a huuge vector for harassment and often used as look at me in better than x person.

Things you can do that we generally appreciate:
Boost the toot you liked
Boost your reply to it, that you would've wanted in the quote re-toot. You can even remove the @ and it becomes a standalone post that's still part of the thread.

But also it's okay to share a link to a thread and be like you should all read this.

@maloki @alex you have a point there about the whole vector for harassment thing. Thinking about bandwidth I'm not used to images taking a noticeable amount of time to load although that maybe my fault I do roll my own instance and I'm currently about is far from our main AP that you can get without leaving the house 😅

@addressforbots we don't often approve of screenshots, but it really depends on context. 😅
Like sometimes the timeline does something funny by having things next to each other, which is always cooler when there's no algorithm in the background.

@alex me, pantsing captain america so i can legally put him into my great gatsby retelling

@alex stop making funny boostable toots Alex, they're too good not to share

lewd, Florian no not this again 

@alex do Mickey Mouse's balls swivel around his dick to keep the silhouette intact the same way his ears do around his head

lewd, Florian no not this again 

@outie @alex there's probably a way or to use this quirk

lewd, Florian no not this again 

@outie @alex it works basically like a sprite in 3D graphics

lewd, Florian no not this again 

@outie @alex this also means he's intrinsically unable to, you, put it in, since it'll always point slightly to the side when seen from any angle

@alex and Dreamworks? because that's gonna get weird fast.

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