every year time magazine has to explain that “person of the year” is not an award or an achievement, it’s “person who generated most discourse”. That this has happened every year since like the 1930s makes you think they should, yknow, stop having a person of the year

@alex Perhaps they should rename it "Person We'd Like To Stop Thinking About"

@alex yup. they should just be honest and call it "Bullshitter of the Year." seriously - subscriptions would go up.

@alex wait, so when "you" were person of the year it was time saying "all we did this year was talk about you, please calm down"???

@alex Can we celebrate the person who generated the least discourse this year?

@alex they need to aim at some absolute random person every year, just some jerk from like, Boise, and show them off

@alex ...wait

so the Time Magazine Person of the Year is basically the Time Magazine Person Who Will Shift the Most Issues of the Year?

- a Packbat 🎒

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