dad showdown

tough but fair, i think this ratio is correct

@alex I barely know Spoon, but a couple Wilco albums are favorites of mine

@touk "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga" is an excellent entry point to Spoon for wilco likers as it also wears the influence of just the first two steely dan records on its sleeve

@alex That is a memorable name, I'm pretty sure I listened to that in 2008 or whenever

@touk The Underdog and You Got Yr Cherry Bomb were both big alt radio hits—got them on SNL

@touk @alex Wilco and I had a relatively brief but absolutely torrid, obsessive love affair from YHF through to the live record. Similarly, Spoon and I were FWBs from Girls Can Tell on to Ga Ga etc. Me and side A of Gimme Fiction banged twice a day for like a year.


@shane @touk Gimme Fiction is indeed a special record

@alex Ok @shane
1. That's centered right around A Ghost Is Born. My favorite. I won't argue "best", who cares, just my favorite.
2. Spoonwise that's around The Way We Get By, the song I most associate with them (unless there are some singles I didn't realize are Spoon)

@alex @PhoebeWallerPalladino @shane Fatherhood is a spectrum (Spoon-Wilco Spectrum) [SWS] {not real}

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