There was an NYTimes Parenting piece the other day about annoying toys and the lede was like “every parent in America is dealing with one of THESE right now, we ALL have them, and they’re the WORST” and I literally had never seen or heard of it before. The lede might as well have been “As you know, everyone can’t stop talking about DORD”


Sorry, sucks to suck, but my child plays with like, wooden trains and soft dolls

@alex My parents were forever finding things like this for us. If it had batteries, it stayed at their house as a rule.

@annika we have maybe one battery-powered toy (the toy video-game controller that famously plays real Mario sounds when you do the Konami code on it) but the buttons and switches are just as pleasing when off so it’s off most of the time. They also made the wise choice of making the power/volume switch very hard for little hands to reach or manipulate

@alex what happened to pushing the balloon popper. Stimulating but not talking!

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