It's here
It's real
It's extremely late...
It's Episode 11 of !

Episode 11: Kappa Maki Opsec | Stepwife With No Check

In a very late WTTO, @alex, @Pixley, and @ponfarr are skeptical of the feasibility of a teach-abroad ruse and even more skeptical of a house-hungry second wife with a grim view of her husband's kin. Alex requests we embrace the inevitability of death, but like, in a fun way.

@alex @Pixley @ponfarr A friend got married in his hometown in Gujarat. At O'Hare they only have me a boarding pass for the first half of my flight because they had computer issues. At the connecting airport in Abu Dhabi they said the flight to India was fully booked.

Luckily my US passport allowed me into UAE to go to a comped hotel room where I spent an evening reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (4/5 ⭐) to avoid freaking out before getting the next flight Mumbai

@baturkey @Pixley @ponfarr but did you get sushi and did you struggle with it

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