The best podcast about advice that is not an advice show, “We’ll Take This One” just passed 5 episodes!

If you’re hesitant to listen to a mastodon-adjacent podcast:
-It is professionally recorded with real microphones and edited in a real dad’s basement studio
-It has an original theme song
-We’ve never mentioned mastodon once and never will
-Episodes are 45 minutes, max
-it has a perfect 5 star rating on iTunes

Search “We’ll Take This One” in your podcast app of choice! It’s also funny.

Our podcast has been listened to more than 300 times and many of those are not me

@alex a REAL dad, you say? 100% authentic? not a cat dad, etc

@alex I’m listening for the first time. Well done, everyone

@alex Is that what that tag means (!?) I've been seing it around.. Just gave you a follow a follow on pocket casts and will put it in the que 🙂 #wtto

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