The year is 2004. Despite my father (age 44) primarily listening to a combination of Steve Winwood, Level 42, Steely Dan, and Steppenwolf pretty much exclusively, he keeps talking about Gwen Stefani. He plays Hollaback Girl on the stereo. He buys Love Angel Music Baby on the Rhapsody music store.

Anyway whatever this phenomenon is, I am going through it with myself and Dua Lipa

If you have a boomer parent that mostly/only listened to classic rock, do you remember a modern pop song or artist that the parent suddenly and inexplicably got into? I feel that this must be a widespread experience

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Related: I once tried to get my dad into The Hold Steady (when Boys In Girls In America) came out. He could not get into it. My mom likes Hurray for the Riff Raff and Hiss Golden Messenger a lot but only knows them when I commandeer the stereo when I visit. My dad is mostly exposed to new music via SNL which he watches religiously

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The worst thing about only learning about music through SNL is that it has by far the worst sound of any live music show on television and has been that way for its entire run. Nobody’s monitors ever work. Singers I know are perfect live sound tuneless and dull

@alex i only know one musician who’s been on and i asked her about this a while ago; she says that it’s almost like a joke to go on and just know you sound like hot ass

@alex and she’s a bass player. if the bass player says this, you know.

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