Oh no we might get into a woke competition and end up respecting and protecting each other too much

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@alex good on you for being publicly dismissive of a Black academic's work, i guess? if you had read it, you would know her work revolves around making white people sit with their discomfort, having uncomfortable conversations and teaching people the harm of competitive wokeness and "cancelling" people over often years old bad decisions that aren't reflective of the person as a whole. "Calling in" is already an established practice in BIPOC activism spaces, but I guess I couldn't expect you to know that 🤷

@popstar canceling is good and asking the people who are hurt to come to the hurter other than the other way around is bad. Also this person signed the harpers letter and points to contrapoints as someone worth defending so miss me on this one

@alex lmao who the fuck are you to be so indignant? your white friends can be anti-black and harassers with multiple callouts and thats fine, but disregarding the entire body of work of a Black academic because she personally doesn't pass your moral goal posts? clownery and anti-black as fuck tbh

@popstar look, i'm not trying to dismiss her work. she didn't write the article. it's the framing of the article, the headline, the subhead—it's all about "cancel culture". One look at the comments and you'll see folks praising her and comparing her to people like camile paglia positively. This kind of framing is catnip to the jordan peterson crowd. Plus, the inciting incident for this class is that the prof got a title 9 complaint for misgendering, something that is barely grazed in the article

@popstar much like people latched on to angela davis' biden endorsement for craven and self-serving reasons (supporting that part but literally no other part of angela davis' life's work), being the subject of a big fawning new york times piece about your work "combating cancel culture" is gonna get a "yikes". Not a single person who felt hurt or put at risk by a "called out" person was interviewed in this article. not one. Only the callers and the called-out. That's the problem.

@alex finally the new york times is brave enough to cancel cancel culture

@alex I read it and it had some nuance in it and the woman they're talking about is interesting but also fuuuuck it made me mad

@Pixley perhaps they could have interviewed someone hurt or put at risk by a person was was called out instead of just people who called out or were called out

@alex I like how there's a competing article on the times as well written by muslim dude about "reaching out to trump voters" and he's basically like yeah I tried that in 2016, fuck you

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