the number of ways Sony is fucking up the PS5 launch are immeasurable

like they even fucked up miles morales’ shoes

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they’re advertising that the PS5 will be able to play “in PS4 pro quality”. Wow I love to spend 400 dollars to play the finest 2016 has to offer

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@alex “let’s email every existing customer and tell them we’re shutting down digital purchases for old consoles weeks before launching a console with a digital-only version” was a real head scratcher for me

@ryan you can still buy digital copies of original xbox games lol

@alex they clarified later on that you should still be able to purchase *on the consoles*, just not the web/mobile store, but it makes it feel reeeeeal precarious, especially for games that have been delisted or already have other weird things going on (there’s a whole class of PSP/PS1 games that you can only play on a Vita by transferring them from a PS3, for example)

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