honestly pretty annoyed at the bon appetit people complaining about their “ancient” power tools (perfectly good ryobi 18 volt drill) then getting really excited about receiving a box of total garbage walmart black and decker stuff. The old tools are better!!! This is what this account is for!!!!!

@alex Still running my old Ryobi drill I received about 10 years ago.

@alex I just bought several Ryobi battery-powered things for the yard: mower and expand-it trimmer and edger. All use the 40V batteries. Nice to mow a yard without being coated in gasoline exhaust and nearly deaf.

@giromide I have a bunch of ryobi 18v stuff of various vintages, all pretty good. I have a toro battery snowblower and just ordered the leaf blower that uses the same system; I’ve been eyeing the ryobi riding mower for a while. Really trying for a no-gas house

@alex My gas-powered snowblower is at least 15 years old. The shop that maintains covets its engine. I'm going to see if they're willing to trade for an all-electric blower.

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