@darius Could we get a hometown update with mastodon 3.1.4? There's a fix for an extremely annoying no-image-preview bug I found

@alex Yes! Will work on it over the next day or two.

@darius is the pinned-local-toot bug thing in the pipeline still or is that a bit of a way off? my users have been asking about it

@alex I'm gonna fix that as well -- hoping by Monday! Just got a fresh dev environment set up, too.

@alex just finished the 3.1.4 integration but working on the pinned post thing -- this is a little trickier but I should be able to figure it out this weekend

@alex fixed that, also added better 3rd party client behavior. If you are local by default then clients post local (this is overridden for replies where your reply inherits the local status of its parent)

@alex testing on friend camp, hopefully a release on Monday

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