Follow is a classic dad trap. Most dangerous website for dads. this 1987 Jeep Comanche with 129k miles on it and I just want to listen to Springsteen and load it with bags of gravel

Cars are so pleasing as objects when they're good, but I have such conflicted feelings about them.

We have one car (an EV) and I really would like to just never use fossil fuels ever again, but there's a whole world of vintage vehicles that have so much more character and integrity as machines than the newest EVs. And the highway infrastructure in this country is totally devoted to gas stations and not fast charging.

I wish electric conversions were mainstream, I would love an electric truck

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@alex Good morning. I have decided Karen needs this truck

@alex @alex do I??????? I am vaguely in the market for an old pickup

@Pixley it's a very good truck (but manageable! automatic with decent fuel economy! parts are plentiful!)

@alex i'm not a person who lusts after cars but we all have our limits, wow

@i_noah_guy bringatrailer attracts a special kind of car nerd car, often 80s and 90s 4x4s and European sedans. There's a car show called Radwood that focuses on late 80s to mid 90s cars, and that's definitely the trend in hobbyist cars right now. XJ Jeep Cherokees especially

@alex we just got rid of my old car. i wanted so badly to be able to justify an old pickup, but we got a prius. it's very practical!

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