confession: there’s a box in my basement that is plugged in to some wires and I have no idea what it is

It turns out is a backup power supply for the phone line that used to be in our house; aka, it is something I am unplugging and taking down

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@alex when you bought the house, were you given an extremely ominous but vague warning about what happens if you unplug it?

@Pixley sadly(?) no. my guess is that it’s a wireless door chime extender? There’s a wired doorbell on our front door, and the wires go down to the basement, but there’s no wired chime in the hall. I don’t know where the receiver for the chime is, though. I have to do some investigating

@alex oh yeah that's probably what it is, it's probably not powering the network of automatons who come to life at night and move things around in your house just a tiny bit

@alex Be glad you didn't buy a house with a security system from the early aughts. Holy hell.

I've got an "audio room" in my basement with dozens of speaker wires from around the house dangling down into it. They sold all their audio equipment before they sold us the house.

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