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💃 there is now a moms instance, too 💃 

Pinned toot is an instance for dads. Dads can be any or no gender, but they do have to have to have or be expecting at least one human child (sorry, pets don't count).

We're all about home improvement projects, complaining about smells, cracking open a cold one or three, talkin' cribbage, Steely Dan LPs, grill discourse, mowing the lawn begrudgingly (because we're opposed to lawns, not because we're opposed to the labor), coffee, scouting, and turning down the damned tv, kids

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Yes, even dads should have pronouns in the bio.

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Hey, buddy, can we talk?

(sits down backwards on a chair for some straight-talk)

Registrations on are application-or-invite-only, because not all dads are cool, y'know?

DM me or use the application on the landing page; I will get back to you quickly. Referrals from existing users go a long way towards approval.

Good talk, chief. I'm proud of you, and I love you.


Finished today’s outdoor task right before it started snowing(!). Replacing a terrible enleaded dryer vent with one that only opens when hot air is flowing. The new vent came only in off-white pvc color so I painted it with some plastic-ready spray paint.

where do we stand on Baby on Board signs?

My parents always had music playing on the radio in the kitchen when I was little, and I was a toddler obsessed with music, so when I asked them why we never listened to country music (which neither of them like), my mom put on the country radio station and I said “oh… that’s sad music” and they never played it again.

Anyway, my baby has listened to almost exclusively country (with breaks for Van Morrison) since they were born

Please help me I cannot stop saying "Uppababy Vista" like "Wehadababy Itsaboy"

*chanting, first quietly, then louder* baby socks. baby socks. baby socks

jd asked about a baby pool so here it is 

We got a new washer and dryer yesterday, and they had to run firmware updates over wifi because that's what 2019 is like I guess. On the plus size now I can be alerted when the dryer is done without hearing a midi Mozart ringtone from a closed laundry room

The genius previous owners of our house put a battery-powered smoke detector over the wiring for a wired smoke detector

The newparents channel on my work’s slack is full of pictures of dabbing babies. Just, chock a block of babbo dabbos

hot basement content 

Current status: bemused and alarmed that the Wirecutter's Kayak recommendation article appears to have disappeared from the site

Currently sitting in the car waiting to pick @sydney up from her local Mothers’ Club trivia night, which she did not want to do and I am very proud of her for doing, and I am bumping only the finest dad jams

New emogums: :tiki: :maitai: because DADDY NEEDS A MINUTE OK

How did you pick your kids' name(s)?

What's your favorite website to browse with things that you could never justify as a parent? Mine is probably

The dad energy coming off this OfferUp listing is PALPABLE

If any of you dads know any moms who are online, is now open for registrations and admin'ed by borat voice my wife.

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