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:mower: is open to applications! :mower: is an instance for parents (including foster/adoptive) of any gender or sexuality who consider themselves dads—moms can be dads too.

We run , which gives you the ability to post local-only (only other members of the instance can see your posts) and "exclusive" lists of users that don't show on your home TL.

with version 1.0.4, local posts work with your favorite mastodon apps, too!

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a quick guide to local-only posts on (updated 5/18/20) supports local-only posts. These are great for content you think only dads should see.

A post marked as local-only will appear only to users.

A followers-only post marked as local-only will appear only to users who follow you.

If you uncheck "Allow my posts to reach other instances by default" in Preferences - Other, your posts from any source—including apps—will be local by default.

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a quick guide to exclusive lists on supports exclusive lists. If you set a list you’ve made to “exclusive,” posts from members of that list will appear only in that list’s timeline and not in your home feed.

This feature is great for following accounts that only post about one subject, for crossposting accounts, or for pixelfed feeds.

Use the web interface to set a list as Exclusive. You can only add accounts you follow to lists.

i walked up to my wife, gave her a lil smooch on the forehead, and told her, “babe, you’re doing a great job. i love you and i appreciate you. you work hard, and you deserve recognition for it. And that’s why i’m giving you [reaching into my back pocket for the item] this Seal of Approval.”

defedding,, and from for gab ties

This little monster is just barely seven months old and they are sitting up, crawling, they’ve got basically all of their top teeth and two on the bottom... stop already

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The world is so fucked up right now and I'm doing my best to raise a kid. Fucking sucks

I had a real high level dad moment just the other day when I was casually chatting with my wife about how purchasing a new spool cap for my trimmer had significantly reduced jams at the expense of line efficiency so I was burning through more spools than normal.

unduly tempted to set up some sort of interlock where when the white noise machine is turned on it disables the doorbell

I’m taking it to the next level of New England Mom by fertilizing my vegetable garden while wearing Birkenstock’s with grippy hospital socks.

i added the :acab: emoji to you don't have to use it, but you can if that's the kind of dad you are. cheers

leaf mulcher to bring down some of the big piles in the back of the property and deprive ticks of their hangouts, string trimmer for around the raised bed’s fence and around the edge of the house. I’m pretty committed to never paying someone to take our lawn waste to a dump

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might fuck around and buy a leaf mulcher

We’re gonna plant some roses this weekend, and our magnolia tree, a “Judy Zuk” which should reach a good twenty+ feet tall by the time Henri is ten years old. I don’t know if you’re supposed to do without pictures. Oh well

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shout out to this extremely large branch that fell from a great height but only after i was done mowing the area directly under it this morning. you're a true ally. i will mulch you proudly

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