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:mower: is open to applications! :mower: is an instance for parents (including foster/adoptive) of any gender or sexuality who consider themselves dads—moms can be dads too.

We run , which gives you the ability to post local-only (only other members of the instance can see your posts) and "exclusive" lists of users that don't show on your home TL.

with version 1.0.4, local posts work with your favorite mastodon apps, too!

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Pinned post costs $20 a month to host on a Linode with 4GB of RAM and 80GB of storage, and the domain registration is $44 a year. I host, update, and moderate the instance for free. If you can help out:

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a quick guide to local-only posts on (updated 5/18/20) supports local-only posts. These are great for content you think only dads should see.

A post marked as local-only will appear only to users.

A followers-only post marked as local-only will appear only to users who follow you.

If you uncheck "Allow my posts to reach other instances by default" in Preferences - Other, your posts from any source—including apps—will be local by default.

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a quick guide to exclusive lists on supports exclusive lists. If you set a list you’ve made to “exclusive,” posts from members of that list will appear only in that list’s timeline and not in your home feed.

This feature is great for following accounts that only post about one subject, for crossposting accounts, or for pixelfed feeds.

Use the web interface to set a list as Exclusive. You can only add accounts you follow to lists.

Evan... they’re putting the joker in the Snyder cut... EVAN wake UP they’re putting JARED LETO JOKER in THE SNYDER CUT

@Aleums have you listened to this omar apollo album

i have made it to step 3, it has been two hours

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why is it harder to buy a baby couch than an xbox series x

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lord help me i am trying to buy some fucking soft childrens' furniture again

made an immense error today by using a stainless cup with a stainless cocktail shaker

i am glad kevin parker from tame impala is not an attractive guy because that would be too much in one place

pronouncing "eurogamer" like "monogamy"

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