Pinned toot is an instance for dads. Dads can be any or no gender, but they do have to have to have or be expecting at least one human child (sorry, pets don't count).

We're all about home improvement projects, complaining about smells, cracking open a cold one or three, talkin' cribbage, Steely Dan LPs, grill discourse, mowing the lawn begrudgingly (because we're opposed to lawns, not because we're opposed to the labor), coffee, scouting, and turning down the damned tv, kids

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Yes, even dads should have pronouns in the bio.

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Hey, buddy, can we talk?

(sits down backwards on a chair for some straight-talk)

Registrations on are application-or-invite-only, because not all dads are cool, y'know?

DM me or use the application on the landing page; I will get back to you quickly. Referrals from existing users go a long way towards approval.

Good talk, chief. I'm proud of you, and I love you.


Extremely happy with the $40 rubber Birkenstocks I bought this weekend

Thinking about how I will absolutely catch myself singing "chicken nugget dinner meal" to my newborn son come October

Extremely happy to welcome @mastodad back to The grass didn’t even get too long while you were away :mower: :mower: :mower:

@Thomas while you were gone I commissioned a :mower: emoji

Today we handed the keys (metaphorically, it's a digital lock) to the lead abatement folks, so that means we'll be able to actually live in the house we bought by this time next month. And then the real work begins...

Yeah, sex is great, but have you ever tried *finding intact historic hardwood under bad carpeting in your master bedroom*?

Homeowner status update: last night I had a nightmare that I left a window open in the dining room. That was it. That was the whole nightmare

Was there a dadsona movement or something on cryptids that I missed while I was mowing the lawn?

You can't compost it, because it's rhizomic and will grow from your compost when spread. You have to cut off the stems and pour weedkiller down the shoots, which is metal as hell but also succcccccks

Update: so, what I thought was bamboo is, in fact, Japanese knotweed, a horrible invasive species that apparently takes years to remove!!! You love to see it!!!!

There is a ludicrous amount of bamboo in our new yard. Like giant plants. Being used as privacy plants. I think I’ve removed about a third of them

Some more garden work; clearing out these weedy ferns. Might brick this area in a for a patio.

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This is as far as I got today, but there’s only so much basement tinkering you can get away with when your wife is upstairs doing work that, y’know, makes the parts of the house people will *live in* look better

When life gives you a 115-year old basement with spiders, mice, and dust, you get labeled, gasketed airtight Sterilites for all your cables. (Filling them after weed whacking is done)

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