rumors of my defederation have been greatly exaggerated

kid posting, ec 

lookit how fucken happy he is just from going down a slide, it’s unbelievable.

the 5yo’s favorite swear to use when he’s upset with his brother or me is “fucky boy” and it’s so hard not to laugh but he’s so upset and hearing that outta his lil mouth just lol

took care of the felled tree and the hammock is still in working order, actually more secure now since i installed an eye bolt into the trunk of the former tree

really puzzled by the difference between children and big kids here

when will stickers stop being such a big deal

kid posting, ec, 🦷 

the oldest lost his first tooth!!

crisis averted, everybody: buzz has been found

Gonna separate out that advice in it's own post.

So @byttyrs showed up in a pretty weird dream I was having and gave me the advice: "there's three Fs to deal with problems, you either Flee it, Fight it, or Fuck it and it's good to know which one before you do it"

i mowed the lawn today and fixed the central air, feeling peak dad rn

fixing things around the house instead of paying a professional hundreds of dollars to do so makes me feel pretty good ngl

dadposting, ec 

found this one from the fall, we were making doughnuts

trying in vain to explain to my kids that they can’t marry each other not because they’re both boys but because they’re brothers

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