Terf Lady: writes about a wizard who literally can't fail and wins his every battle almost by accident

Ursula K: writes about a wizard who fucks up badly bc of his hubris and spends the rest of his story cleaning up his own mess at great personal cost to himself


Are you comparing, perchance, that HP drivel to the literature of (the legendary) Ursula Le Guin?

Apart from the author's Terf opinions influencing her shallow writing it seems to me that racism certainly plays a part as well. Cho Chang!?? Really? That was the best she could come up with? I've never heard of a Chinese girl with the first name 'Cho'.

@InternetEh ok im super interested in that second one, i wanna read about the wizard who fucked up and paid the price

@lyncia the book series you seek is the Earthsea series

@hoppet it's the best. I need to buckle down and keep reading the series

@chris_stevenson for me, her poetry had much much more of an impact as well as her five ways to forgiveness. (oh, and also the telling!) @InternetEh

@InternetEh I need to reread earthsea, I've gone through reading everything I missed as a kid recently, but haven't gotten to rereading yet and its really a thing I need to do

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