I can't help it. When I get to know an artist from the early 20th century, my first question is "were they a communist" and in my defense, the answer is "yes very" a lot of the time

got bummed out learning Stravinsky turned fascist after the Russian revolution. When the Nazis questioned him about his "degenerate" music, he really diaped out and yelled how much he hated communism and loved fascism. It didn't change their minds

I named a Goofus, so I should name a Gallant.

Kurt Weill was a Jewish socialist composer in Germany who had to flee to the US. He collaborated with Bertolt Brecht trying to modernize opera and make it relevant to modern audiences with social satire.

Brecht pushed his writing even more leftward and he joked it's not like I can set the Communist Manifesto to music.

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