"recognizing trans people diminishes women" is the same shit as "recognizing LGBT marriages diminishes straight marriages" and hearing it isn't any more convincing this time. Just trying to stoke a fake-ass rivalry between people bigots are terrified of facing as a united front

"got your back bro" cartoon but with a Live Laugh Love wine mom and a trans cat girl communist doing a fist bump

@InternetEh There are people who think human rights are like cake: if I have to share the cake, then that means less cake for me. How can we get them to see that it’s not like this? Human rights are like laughter or love: sharing them multiples them.

@InternetEh The number of asshole bigots that are horrified because they think a cis woman is a trans woman is proof enough that recognizing women is good for women.

@yam655 very true. They think they can tell and they can't

transmasc perspective, transphobia/misogyny This is hard to word, so I'll preface first by saying I agree with you.

And yeah, funny how I'm a woman when it's convenient to misgender me but not a woman when I want to have a voice about what language demeans and diminishes me.

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