"trying to do stuff" counts sometimes too

To call myself out: sometimes I get all my paint stuff out and don't do anything at all. I just get everything ready.

@InternetEh So many times I get my little music-making corner of my room all set up and then lay down for a nap.

@InternetEh oh snap that鈥檚 pretty helpful thank you

@InternetEh Me. Last saturday. Only got about 3 hours of sleep that night, because deadline was on sunday. Do you have to call me out like that. xD

@InternetEh Douglas Adams liked to say that a writer just needs to stare at a piece of paper and concentrate hard until their forehead began to bleed.

@InternetEh For those looking for this interview, it was on The Project, an Australian TV news-panel show, the episode for Monday 27 June 2022, at 44m10s. The whole interview was entertaining. Chris Hemsworth was on the panel too.

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