when I see people complaining about removing racist statues, I usually say history doesn't stop and adjust itself to your comfort level. People tearing down statues is history. Usually this shuts them up.

Of course the downside is this skips the part where those statues are phony history anyway. But, baby steps.

@InternetEh i always tell them the history of how these statues were prefab and just slightly adjusted, like taking a funko pop, slapping a nametag on it, and calling it Robert E Lee

@InternetEh this is such a delightful turnabout. taking the “facts don't care about your feelings” thought-terminating cliche, but using it in correct context.

sure, it's reductive, but fuck, it feels good

@binchicken it is, actually. Using it feels weird. But in this case it's true, even. History is history. It doesn't stop happening based on what you decided history is

@InternetEh right? i really shouldn't have been surprised by the realisation that so many of the people who pull the facts don't care schtick are using it to convince themselves that their feelings are fact, but here we are.

@binchicken they got taught that their fake-ass version of history is real, and the people who know their real history are just being emotional

@InternetEh real history? more like propaganda. i have a finely-tuned and very objective propaganda detector.

the fact that it just happens to go off whenever i point it at something i don't like is just proof of how good i am at spotting propaganda

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