People who stand in the way of real solutions to homelessness are the cause of so much violence, mayhem, illness, trauma, shortened lives and pointless suffering.

Not housing people is incredibly dangerous: first and foremost to the person without shelter, but to the community too.

A neighbor of mine who stayed under a bridge had the cops steal most of his stuff except the clothes on his back in January bc he had a run,-in with an unhoused veteran and he had to show him he had a knife to avoid a fight. For that, he had to deal with the cops, who took his warm clothing as well as his weapon

My town made headlines for passing a unique ordinance that limited who could bring dogs downtown. They did this after a city worker and her dog were attacked by a dog belonging to an unsheltered person.

Would the city have done this just to keep people safe? Or was it downtown commercial real estate flexing again, like when they killed the possibility of a downtown shelter where people could have lived in relative safety, without having to pull knives or keep dangerous dogs?

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