I spent part of my morning just looking at Ivan Vlaimirov paintings. He was a Realist painter who served in the Petrograd militia during the October Revolution.

Anyway this one is called "Down With The Eagles." Revolutionaries are ripping an Imperial eagle off a drugstore.


This one is The Abdication of the Czar. Portraits of the czar and his family are destroyed by celebrating revolutionaries.

The Barricades of the Red Guards, 1971. Vladimirov was a draftsman and didn't really embellish much.

In The Moments of Rest, 1917. I love this lady, totally not bothered with her big-ass cavalry sabre.

Vandalism of the Winter Palace in December, painted in 1917. The Winter Palace, if you go there today, is an art museum. I want to go there so fucking badly.

Plundering the Safe Deposit Boxes, 1918. I think the term for this is expropriation.

Peasants Return Home After Looting a Manor House Near Pskov. 1919. The poses here are truly excellent. This feels so observational.

I didn't realize this, but apparently the Petrograd militia was a really important body during the revolution. A lot of Soviet politicians to be were members, along with this artist. (Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin)

One of the early jobs this body had was feeding Petrograd. They sent "flying food supply squads" to keep the people from starving.

@checkervest the kids in these paintings are making me feel so many things

@InternetEh@dads.cool everyone's center of gravity lines are chefs kiss perfect

@InternetEh do you know the title of that one painting of the revolutionary looking up in awe at the grandiosity of the winter palace? He's in heavy winter clothes and the painting is very red

@shoofle yeah I know the one. Different painter I believe

@InternetEh a grandfather with a grandfather clock on his back certainly is something

@kirin you do get the sense this guy enjoys a visual pun

@InternetEh Hermitage is so fucking big it's impossible to do it in one swallow. I tried and failed more than once.

@charlag I would love to try

I enjoy getting blitzed and doing their virtual tour online

@InternetEh -extremely "hire a samurai" voice-

I think the world was safer when we had swords and not guns.
A sword is a weapon. A person holding a sword might kill you! But a sword is much easier to see on a person, and must be used from close(ish) range.
If you see a person holding a sword, you *know* not to piss them off. And to run away if you do!

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