Americans: :Actually: I'd hate to live in a dreary commie land where all housing is identical and I'm not allowed to use it as I see fit

Also Americans: well I'd like to paint my house a nice bold blue, but then it might not resell for as much. Beige it is! Wait hang on, the HOA is emailing me about my food garden they say is unsightly. I'll have to dig it up.

@InternetEh New construction suburbs with 2 floor plans. "each of these homes is unique"

@Thomas @InternetEh You can pick from this pre approved list of finishing details!

House is still a carbon copy of every other house.

@deejvalen I thought this for a split second and then realized, nah, i hope Broken Arrow stays over there.


@InternetEh Americans are all about the narrative of the powerful. "Land of opportunity! Free enterprise! Free association! Free speech! Best medical system in the world!" Those only work for some, but we're all bought in.

@InternetEh Americans love conformity. They just don't like when the GUVERMUNT mandates it!

@InternetEh my grandma painted her old house a lilac color. she was allowed to because it wasn’t an hoa neighborhood, but when she sold it to move, there were indeed many potential buyers who were unhappy about the color the house was. people are fucking boring.

@InternetEh i should also add- the person who did end up buying the house immediately painted it beige. lol

@InternetEh I used to live in an apartment building where the only curtains allowed were beige or white. Most of the apartment layouts had at least one window where it was hard to hang curtains at all so nobody did. When that heat dome hit last year and the temperature went above 40C, a bunch of people thought fuck it and tacked or taped bedsheets to the wall to cover them, or used foil. The management sent out letters threatening to fine people.

@erinbee the last landlord I had set a limit on how many nails you could put in the walls to hang things.

I did more damage to the place trying to use Command strips than I would have if I'd just used the nails.

@InternetEh Can't use candles, they soot the ceilings. Hanging anything marks the walls. No replacing carpeting with wood. No pets. No, the appliances don't work, please put in a ticket that will be ignored even if you submit it 4 times.

Marks on the ceiling? That's flooding upstairs. No, you still can't use candles...

But can you imagine if someone just GAVE me a *functioning* house to live in that I could use my way? I might be able to, like. Live apart from my abuser! Can't have that. 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄

@IridisSparks life is messy. Ideally nobody would live in these houses and they'd just get a check every month

@InternetEh No real American would move to a place with an HOA. Fight me. :)
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